About Denver Woodworking

Passion for the natural beauty of wood prompted Charlie White to establish the Denver Woodworking Company in 1978.

Trained as a professional woodworker since 1969, Charlie wanted to open a woodworking shop with high-quality machinery in order to achieve the goal of making mass production possible and custom work easier.

Since then, the Denver Woodworking Company has grown a reputation as one of Denver's premier woodworking shops for specialty production woodwork.

Great Customer Service
By operating with quality workmanship and integrity, we aim to make our customers completely happy and satisfied -every time.
Experienced Shop Staff
  Of the six experienced craftsmen we have in the shop, most have been with the company for 8-12 years. The cumulative woodworking experience of our employees is over 150 years! Bottom line, we have the knowledge and experience to make your project work.
High-Quality Machinery
  By having the best machinery and by vigilantly keeping our tools sharp, we are able to provide a high level of precision for your project while maintaining speed and cost efficiency.
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